Soul Machine - PHANEROSPHENE - Part I [EP]

Soul Machine is proud to introduce PHANEROSPHENE, a personal collection of melodies spread over two EPs to be released a few months apart on So French Records. 

Staying true to his own universe, the artist explores the inner landscapes of mind and offers an aerial work, atypical, where the past and future intertwine themselves around the colors and sounds. 

For this first release, PHANEROSPHENE part I, the French producer got on board Adrian Wreck, Atrey, Linoleum and Mac Stanton, 4 talented remixers whose only instruction was to express their creativity without any limit. 

Finally, to add an outstanding visual experience to the whole release, Soul Machine called Jeff Hopp, a worldwide known psychedelic artist from Arizona, to paint the double EP's cover. Go right to heart of Imaginary and let yourself be charmed by an unique, modern and psychedelic musical experience! 

 Release of the first Act March, 31st.


1 - Phanerosphene - part I (Original Mix)
 2 - 1967 (Original Mix)
 3 - Chromaesthesia (Original Mix)
 4 - 1967 (Atrey Remix)
 5 - 1967 (Adrian Wreck Remix)
 6 - 1967 (Linoleum Remix)
 7 - 1967 (Mac Stanton Remix)

Soul Machine - Phanerosphene - Part I [EP TEASER]

My friends, I am so proud to introduce the First Teasers of my Upcoming Double EP PHANEROSPHENE!! Animations are Courtesy of Anthony Francisco Schepperd.

 Official Release March, 31th on So French Records.

Audio Teaser:



1 - Phanerosphene : Part I
2 - 1967
3 - Chromaesthesia
4 - 1967 (Adrian Wreck Remix)
5 - 1967 (Atrey Remix)
6 - 1967 (Linoleum Remix)
7-1967 (Mac Stanton Remix)