Missill @ Home for a Week End

Hell of a Week End ! Music & Good Vibes !
Thanks Miss !

Mass for Justice

Mass for Justice :

- Overture : Toccata and Genesis in Dm
- Kyrie : Audio Video Disco
- Gloria : Parade
- Credo : D.A.N.C.E
- Sanctus : Audio Video Disco
- Benedictus : Planisphere
- Agnus Dei: Stress
- Nunc Dimittis : Waters of Nazareth

Recorded on July 25th 2012 at St Joseph Basilica, Grenoble, France

Soul Machine - O.C.S.I.D (Original Mix)

To be released on the So French Record's "Summertime Compilation vol. II"

MISSILL Feat M.O.P & Dynamite MC - Champions (Soul Machine Remix)

My Friends ! I didn't win the contest but I won SO MUCH MORE ! 
My friends, I am proud to announce that my remix will be featured as an official remix on the EP with Tha New Team !! Nothing would have happened without you guys ! So many THANKS !

Long Version :

A closer look into my Studio...

You've been a lot to ask me what synths I use in my remixes and songs, so I though this picture would be so much less boring for you guys than a list of my gear... Enjoy :)