Soul Machine - Justice Pipe Organ Medley

To Celebrate the First Anniversary of that Performance I'm giving you away the Audio Recording!!
Watch the LIVE Performance here :

Recorded on July 25th 2012 at St Joseph Basilica, Grenoble, France Mass for Justice :

- Overture : Toccata and Genesis in Dm
- Kyrie : Audio Video Disco
- Gloria : Parade
- Credo : D.A.N.C.E
- Sanctus : Audio Video Disco
- Benedictus : Planisphere
- Agnus Dei: Stress
- Nunc Dimittis : Waters of Nazareth

Daft Punk - Giorgio by Moroder (Soul Machine Remix)

To celebrate the Offficial Release of Daft Punk's "Random Access Memories", I am proud to introduce you my Remix of "Giorgio by Moroder"

Pink Floyd - On the Run (Soul Machine Remix)

To Celebrate the 40th Birthday of Dark Side of the Moon, I give you away this remix I used to play during my Live Performances!!

M - Machistador (Soul Machine Remix)

To celebrate my birthday and thank you all for the 50 000 plays, I give you my NEW REMIX for FREE!! Enjoy!

And Mr. -M- approved himself this Remix !!

Silk Me Back in Japan

I’m so proud to announce that I joined a very cool project gathering Art, Fashion and Humanitarian.

SILK ME BACK is a Non Profit Association founded in order to help the victims of Fukushima. They basically sell “Haute-Couture” Japanese Kimonos and use the money to rebuilt houses in north Fukushima. Great Idea, isn’t it ?

To support and promote their action, N.O.K. Productions will soon fly over Japan to realize a documentary about this Fantastic Project and they kindly asked me if I would agree to compose the Soundtrack!

Without Any Hesitation, I answered FUCK YES!!

The Full Track will be released somewhere around May but you can already listen the First Seconds in this Teaser!


See You in May for More...